Be honest … do you live your life with courage? Always? Then maybe it’s time you started. Also in this hour, is your kid’s puzzling behaviour normal?

Dr. Ron Brown challenges you to imagine how you’d live if you had no fear. If you realized that you are here for a unique purpose. And that your dreams can be achieved with faith and time. Dr. Brown is an organizational effectiveness consultant and executive coach. He’s passionate about enabling others to reach their potential and joins Vicki to discuss his new book The Courageous Life, Proven Methods for Reaching Your Dreams and Potential.

When should you seek professional help for child’s behavior? What’s considered normal? Should you put your child on medication? And how can you best cope with learning challenges? These are questions we’ll review today with Dr. Steven Curtis. Dr. Curtis practices at LifeSpan on Bainbridge Island, right here in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 25 years, he has specialized in the assessment and treatment of children with emotional, behavioral, learning, and developmental challenges. His new book is Understanding Your Child’s Puzzling Behavior.

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