Join us for a creative hour with my three very talented guests: Selden Edwards who’s just fulfilled his 30-year dream at the age of 68. Filmmaker Sue Gilbert, who says it’s easier to come out as a gay person than a wealthy one. And activist and filmmaker Jen Marlowe whose passion for effecting change in Sudan led her to the big screen. Listen to podcast.

He was an English teacher and headmaster for 30 years, and for all those years he wrote, rewrote, and wrote some more trying to fulfill his dream to become a novelist. Selden Edwards was elated to finally see his dream come true at the age of 68 with the not so little, The Little Book. He’s now on book tour and coming to Queen Anne Bookstore on Wednesday Sept 30 at 6pm. See more about Selden Edwards.

As small children, Gabriel Bol Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol fled their villages in South Sudan to escape civil war. They became a part of a group of thousands of other boys with a similar story, nicknamed “The Lost Boys” upon resettlement in the USA in 2001. Filmmaker Jen Marlowe shares their story in Rebuilding Hope premiering in Seattle the first weekend in October. See more.

Sue Gilbert grew up with five siblings and extreme wealth — so extreme that her parents bought an island named Greenaway where they were all raised. But is that as idyllic as it sounds? Filmmaker Sue Gilbert interviews her parents and siblings to share their experiences — the ups and downs, the paths they all took, and how each sibling sees things a little differently in Beyond Greenaway. See Greenaway Trailer premiering at The Tacoma Film Festival on the first Saturday in October.

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