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Oct 28: Visiting Greenpeace Onboard the Rainbow Warrior ~ PODCAST


Vicki St. Clair onboard Greenpeace's the Rainbow Warrior, Seattle.

Onboard the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace, Vicki St. Clair

Today Vicki takes a field trip with Greenpeace Captain Joel Stewart and Senior Campaign Manager Jackie Dragon onboard the Rainbow Warrior to discuss some of their current projects, as well as how they respond to criticism of Greenpeace at large. They also give an inside point of view on the controversial arrest of the Arctic 30 by Russia.

Captain Stewart shares the importance of marine preserves and the health of the Bering Sea to our ecology. He discusses why fish farming is not a good solution for ecosystems or feeding humans — and why that won’t even matter unless we get climate change and CO2 under control.

Jackie Dragon shares details of a new species, more on the science of the Bering Sea, and why it’s critical to the survival of Native Alaskan communities. By the way, the Rainbow Warrior was specifically built for this campaign, making it a unique ship. If you can get down to visit it on tour, do it!

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