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May 25: Greenpeace Captain on the Health of the Bering Sea & Why Fish Farming is No Solution

Vicki St. Clair onboard Greenpeace's the Rainbow Warrior, Seattle.

Onboard the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace, Vicki St. Clair

Onboard the Rainbow Warrior

Almost 9 years ago, Vicki took a field trip to meet with Captain Joel Stewart and Senior Campaigns Manager Jackie Dragon onboard Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior.

So, why are we sharing this again in 2022? Because despite best efforts, the Bering Sea is still in a precarious position. Because if we understand the science, we can clearly understand where we need to course-correct. And because these people, on board the Rainbow Warrior, are not only experts in their field, they really care about their work and the legacy we’re leaving for your children.

Vicki’s brother was visiting from England and tagged along as photographer. Both said touring the ship and meeting the crew was an awesome experience … from chef to communications specialist, scientist, and Captain “Rarely” said Vicki, “have I met people so genuinely invested in the work they do … ”

About the Crew

Captain Stewart shares why marine preserves and the health of the Bering Sea is so important to our ecology. He discusses why fish farming is not a good solution for ecosystems or feeding humans — and why that won’t even matter unless we get climate change and CO2 under control.

Scientist and campaigns manager, Jackie Dragon, shares details of a new species, more on the science of the Bering Sea, and why it’s critical to the survival of Native Alaskan communities.

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