How many times have you been to your doctor, only to walk away frustrated because you felt you weren’t heard? What happens when you just don’t feel right, and he tells you it’s all in your head … nothing’s wrong?

Could be that you’ve had nagging headaches, back pain, difficulty breathing, even nausea. But test after test comes up negative. Dr. Clarke says that millions of people suffer symptoms from an ‘invisible’ cause for years, even decades, without relief. He also says that’s unnecessary … that many issues are caused by stress!

Dr. Clarke will discuss the 7 keys to understanding, treating, and healing stress disorder, including the 5 major types of stress, treatments, how to deal with traumatic events; and the link between depression and stress. He’ll also tell you what to do if you’re not getting the answers you need from your doctor. And give you a checklist for working with doctors. In addition to a medical degree, Dr. Clarke has a B.A. in psychology.