National Geographic takes you beyond the tourist trail into the hidden gems and lesser-known experiences within our own national parks. Later, Vicki is joined by the best-selling author of a vegetarian cookbook on the benefits of meatless eating, and finally a nutritionist wife and doctor husband team up to offer tips on shopping smart and healthy to save time and money!

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National parks expert Robert Earle Howells has been editor at large for National Geographic Adventure magazine and an author for National Geographic books during a long writing career focused on the outdoors and adventure. Secrets of the National Parks: Experts’ Guide to the Best Experiences Beyond the Tourist Trail provides a wealth of information designed to help visitors get the most out of exploring 32 of the most visited parks, told by 10 well-known nature writers with intimate knowledge of these popular destinations. Uncover the least crowded beaches, barely tramped trails, hard-to-find sights, and best wildlife viewing spots to make your next national park trip extra memorable!

When Sarah Matheny decided to go meatless, she guessed her husband and kids would be skeptical. They were raised on what she refers to as the “standard American diet,” or SAD as she prefers. But she also knew how important it is to eat together as a family, so she was determined to make her make her meat-free family meals nutritious and irresistable! The delicious result of her efforts led to Peas and Thank-You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love. Much more than just a cookbook, you will find countless tips and endearing anecdotes intertwined with 85 great family-friendly recipes!

If you have ever pored over a label in a grocery store, trying to decipher which item’s list of mysterious ingredients is the healthier option as opposed to toxic to your families health, then you won’t want to miss this segment! Rich Food Poor Food introduces the ultimate Grocery Purchasing System, a unique guide that takes you on an aisle-by-aisle tour of a typical grocery store, teaching how to identify ingredients that enhance your families health rather than detract from it. Husband and wife team Jayson and Mira Calton use their expertise as a doctor specializing in unique nutritional and lifestyle therapies (Jayson) and a licensed certified nutritionist (Mira) to help you make smarter, healthier, and most cost-efficient decisions when you go grocery shopping!

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