ADD/ADHD is not just for kids… it can afflict adults just as easily. Dr. Alicia Maher is more than just a clinical expert on the subject, she has overcome and learned to thrive despite her own ADHD. She joins Vicki today to discuss how to transform your distracted mind. Also today, learn the secrets to a happy marriage in ten simple truths!

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Like so many others, Dr. Alicia Maher spent much of her young life struggling with a short attention span and was often at the mercy of her impulses. During her first year of studying psychiatry as an intern, the doctors she was attending called for an intervention and diagnosed her with ADHD. Compelled to address her condition holistically, Dr. Maher embarked on a 15 year course of study including practicing and teaching academic medicine, maintaining yoga and spiritual practices (even living in a yoga ashram retreat,) and observing medical care during her travels to over 30 countries. Her new book, From Scattered to Centered: Understanding and Transforming the Distracted Brain shows readers how to use the practices she has learned to train their brains for peace and concentration. Completing college and medical school in only 6 years, Dr. Maher has gone on to become the associate director of the Psychiatric Consultation Service of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and associate professor of psychiatry at UCLA.

In Making Marriage Simple, bestselling authors and Imago Relationships founders Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt share the expertise they have accumulated through decades of research, countless counseling sessions, and productive workshops. Written with humor, compassion, and honesty, it teaches ten essential and provocative truths about marriage, giving couples the tools they need to transform their relationship into a rewarding and joyous marriage. Both P.h. D’s, Harville has over 40 years experience as a couples therapist, educator, clinical trainer, and public speaker, while Helen was elected to the Women’s Hall of Fame for her work in women’s philanthropy.

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