Last time award-winning eBay specialist, Kevin Boyd, was featured on Conversations Live, you had a LOT of questions for him! This time, we’ll dive deeper into that conversation.  We’ll also talk with Dr. Joanne Stern about an increasingly common family issue.

Dr. Stern is a psychotherapist in private practice, emphasizing family and couples counseling. She’s a teacher, consultant, speaker, and expert on parenting and family topics. In 2002, she also became an EEG neurofeedback practitioner to address a variety of childhood disorders, including attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and depression. Her new book is Parenting is a Contact Sport: 8 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Kids for Life.
Kevin Boyd was presented eBay’s Education Specialist Award for Excellence. He’s been selling, teaching, and consulting on building eBay business for eight years; and has several eBay books. In this segment we’ll look at problem-solving eBay issues and how to increase your profit margins. Kevin Boyds books include eBay Business at Your Fingertips, eBay Rescue: Profit Maker, and eBay Rescue: Problem Solver.   (Listen to the first show with Kevin – eBay 101.)

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