They lived the secret dream of countless American couples — a year on the road, with no timetable, taking them more than 30,000 miles into the far-flung corners of the nation. Along the way they came face-to-face with personal grief but also with the warmth and humanity of America and its people.

This award-winning journalist and grandson of Russian immigrants, celebrates America in a wonderful, upbeat story full of Americana. He’s learned things about our country that most of us probably don’t know. And he’s learned about personal discovery and loss. He says that loss is not the end of the road, and despite the burden imposed by grief, author Robert H. Mottram found gifts scattered along life’s way. Mottram worked more than 40 years in daily journalism as a newspaper reporter, feature writer, columnist and editorial writer, and as an Associated Press newsman and correspondent. He is a recipient of more than 40 national and regional awards for reporting and writing, including two national “Best of the Best” awards for feature writing. See more about today’s guest and his book In Search of America’s Heartbeat; Twelve Months on the Road at

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