People Magazine describes his latest book as “A quietly seductive ode to the power of mindfulness.” Publishers Weekly calls it “Captivating … serious … hauntingly beautiful.” And the New York Times Book Review refers to author, Craig Childs, as ” a modern-day desert father … responding to nature with religious awe.”

The Animal Dialogues; Uncommon Encounters in the Wild has been described as a masterpiece; and Craig Childs’ writing revered for engaging more senses at once than that of most any other naturalist. Childs is an adventurer and frequent contributor to National Public Radio. He lives with his wife and two sons at the foot of the West Elk Mountains in Colorado and has written the highly acclaimed Soul of Nowhere, The Secret Knowledge of Water, and House of Rain. He joins Vicki at noon today to discuss his latest collection of essays, described by some as the Just So Stories for the twenty-first century. Craig Childs describes them as his personal experiences of staring at animals for as long as they’d let him.

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