In a society where the smallest things are under close scrutiny and the watchful eye of so many as techonology has shrunk the world, how is it human trafficking remains prevalant in this country? Human rights activist Tess Cacciatore shares her insights into this extraordinary issue. Later, if you consider “boss” the ultimate 4-letter word, or are tired of all the jerks at work, then Office Idiots author Ken Lloyd is here today to help you cope with your workplace being a jerkplace!

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Human trafficking is here in our backyard and it’s all too real, as 72% of trafficking victims identified are from the US. Even more sobering is that 27% of victims identified over a 4 year span were children, with two-thirds of them being girls. Tess Cacciatore, human rights champion and co-founder of the non-profit Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) takes an in-depth look at how this issue continues to be prevalent in a society where it seems our smallest movements can be tracked and recorded. She will also discuss the cultural differences that are often at the root of the problem, and how women can fight back when their own culture tells them not to. Combining over two decades of film and non-profit experience, Cacciatore has a truly unique approach to human rights… fostering education and connectivity through technology to promote an agenda of peace and equality.
Based upon thousands of letters to his newspaper column and website,, Ken Lloyd penned Office Idiots to spotlight workplace jerks wherever they exist in an organization. In addition to practical advice on what to do or say when you encounter them, the book shows you how to deal with Techno-jerks and E-jerks, deal with some really off-the-wall jerk behaviors, avoid enabling the jerks… and perhaps most important of all… make sure you don’t become one! Lloyd is a nationally recognized management consultant, speaker, author, and newspaper columnist. He holds a PhD in organizational behavior from UCLA, and has taught numerous MBA classes at his alma mater’s The Anderson School, among other univiersities.

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