If you have ever wanted to give back to your community and make it a better place to live, but are not sure how to get started, Elijah Winfrey’s example is a great one to follow. This Community Champ gives of himself freely and discusses with Vicki how you can make a difference! Later, bestselling author Jo Robinson discusses a more natural… or wild… way to eat and the benefits that come along with it!

Due to a scheduling conflict, anthropologist Barbara J. King will join Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair at a later date to discuss her compelling new book, How Animals Grieve.

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Elijah Winfrey has several passions in his life, and has found a way to channel them into giving back to his community and being among those who strive to really make a difference in others lives. From being an active volunteer for the Make A Wish Foundation, to starting Team Winfrey, he is constantly evolving ways to enhance the lives of others. With a niece and nephew who are both autistic, he is also a strong advocate for raising awareness for autism, and serves as vice president of the Seattle Children’s Autism Guild. An avid golfer, Winfrey is involved in several charity golf events and coaches at The First Tee of Greater Seattle.

Although exclusively foraging for wild plants is no longer feasible, there is no reason that we can’t select the fruits and vegetables that come closest to providing the nutritional bounty of their wild ancestors while also pleasing the modern palate. Bestselling author Jo Robinson has uncovered dozens of these jewels of nutrition hiding in plain sight in ordinary supermarkets, as well as farmer’s markets, U-pick orchards, and seed catalogs. In her new book Eating on the Wild Side, Robinson covers how to store and prepare these stellar fruits and vegetables to maximize their healthy benefits. She also shares some fascinating and surprising facts, like why canned blueberries are more nutritious than fresh ones, how some of the newer varieties of supersweet corn are no better than a Snickers bar, and why you should eat broccoli as soon after harvest as possible!

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