Many people spend more time with their co-workers than with their own families, which can lead to sometimes strained relationships with your colleagues. Dr. Deanna Brann returns to Conversations Live to share advice on mending fences and creating a more positive atmosphere at work! Later, Vicki chats with leading Canadian cookbook author Norene Gilletz!

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With over 25 years experience as a clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Deanna Brann has gathered a vast array of knowledge and helpful advice on how to keep various relationships from being stressed or reaching the breaking point. Last time she discussed the often strained feelings between in-laws, and today she returns to help guide us through another often difficult relationship: the co-workers! Brann’s 5 tips towards making amends with colleagues are an invaluable addition to your mental peace of mind at work, including looking at the bigger picture, bridging the gap between what we want and what we get from co-workers, and focusing on the details. Dr. Brann combines her own personal experiences with her clinical background to create real world advice that works!

Norene Gilletz is a popular author of specialized cookbooks throughout North America. Her recipes are developed for a wide audience, but she is often particularly lauded for her focus on Kosher and Passover friendly dishes. One of her recent books was written with taking control of thyroid cancer in mind. The Low Iodine Cookbook offers easy to make and delicious recipes, along with some tips, that features an introduction from Dr. Kenneth Ain, offering a complete explanation of how adhering to a low iodine diet benefits thyroid cancer patients! In addition to her cookbooks, Norene is a columnist, food consultant, cooking teacher, lecturer, and owner of the eclectic website!

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