Nelson Demille calls the latest book by Andrew Gross, Eyes Wide Open, a “rare and menacing psychological thriller that works on every level.” But first, if you ever find yourself a victim of addiction and procrastination, Kristin Moeller can help you stop waiting around and let your life begin!

Bestselling author, spokesperson, personal coach, national speaker and popular radio show host, Kristen Moeller, received her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and has been a personal development professional for over 20 years. Kristen first discovered her passion for personal development after recovering from her own serious eating disorder, and addiction to drugs and alcohol as a young adult, and then subsequent realization of the transference of addiction to the ‘Self-Help’ world, as told in her bestselling book, Waiting for Jack; Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie.

The Associated Press calls Eyes Wide Open “intense and compelling”, while Westchester Magazine says it is “… a terrifying descent into madness and obsession. The ending still haunts me.” Andrew Gross draws on the death of his nephew and his own teenage encounter with Charles Manson to craft a richly personal, yet utterly terrifiyng tale of two brothers that should be read in a well lit room in a place you feel the safe and secure. The conclusion is like a nightmare come to life. Gross has appeared on the NYT bestseller list both on his own, and at the top spot five times as a co-author with James Patterson. Eyes Wide Open is widely considered his best, most chilling work to date.

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