Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd in this “whatever” world! Later, have you ever felt isolated or alone? It’s a much more common social anxiety than you think. Dr. Jeff Brantley’s body of work can help you discover new possibilites and escape the perception that you are alone.

No one is born, fabulous. But every person has it within themselves to acheive that exclusive membership into the domain of the fabulous! In her new book The Essentials of Fabulous, Ellen Lubin-Sherman show how passion, enthusiasm, attitude, manners, and your own personal style can catapult you into the realms of the admired! In addition to executive coaching and running her own consulting company, LAUNCH, Lubin-Sherman is a highly sought after speaker for many companies and groups!

Even with technology producing things like cell phones and social networking, providing instant contact with anyone worldwide, there is substantial evidence that people feel more isolated and alone than ever before. Research has shown that people who overcome the painful vulnerabilities associated with loneliness live healthier, happier, and longer lives. In True Belonging, Dr. Jeff Brantley offers a resource for liberation from being disconnected, and ways to discover new joys to bring you back into the fold. Dr. Brantley is a bestselling author of Calming Your Anxious Mind and the Five Good Minutes series. He is a consulting associate in the Duke Department of Psychiatry and founder and director of the stress reduction program emanating from Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

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