Tosca Reno returns to Conversations Live this week to share the secrets that allow her, at age 52, to compete against 20 years olds in body competitions! Hear about her new TV show on Oprah’s network! And Alexandra Paul of Baywatch fame speaks out on population control, environmental issues, and child-free living!

Alexandra Paul is the star of over 75 films and TV shows including sun drenched mega-hit Baywatch. She has put her fame to use supporting environmental and social causes with enough impact to receive commendations from the United Nations; as well as being arrested for protesting at a Nuclear site in Nevada and trying to save the electric car! One of her biggest causes is population control, and she made the difficult personal decision to remain child-free to help ease pressure on our over-burdened planet. Paul co-wrote and produced the award winning educational film on overpopulation Jam Packed.

As middle age crept up on her, Tosca Reno found herself in the same boat as millions of Americans… overweight and unhappy about it. Deciding to do something about, she developed the Eat Clean Diet, and the results inspired her to help change millions of lives around the world! In her 12th book, The Eat Clean Diet Stripped, Peel Off Those Last 10 Pounds, Reno reveals a 28 day “Strip” that will trick your body and show you how to use the same secrets as top fitness models. She debunks myths, helps you conquer cravings, and shares tricks of the trade to help you look lighter right away! She also shares over 50 brand new Eat Clean recipes. In addition to being a NYT bestseller, Reno is also a motivational speaker, wellness consultant, and media personality with a new TV show on Oprah’s network.

Dr. Marilyn Howell has written a heart-wrenching account of losing her 32-year-old daughter to colon cancer. Unlike other medical dramas, however, Honor Thy Daughter has a highly controversial element: Dr. Howell turned to psychedelic therapy to ease her daughter’s final days. Boston-based Howell was trained as a biologist and earned a doctorate in education from Harvard University. She taught high school for three decades, during which time she created and developed the first Mind/Body course in public education.

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