Put an end to Sunday night anxiety and start your work week off right with the advice of Ford R. Myers. Later, Dr. Debra Mandel returns to help us continue our month-long 4th anniversary celebration!

If you have ever spent a Sunday night thinking about the dreaded return to work the next morning, Ford R. Myers can help. He has developed a six step guide to help overcome the Sunday night anxiety that many of us experience and have a fresh approach to each Monday morning! Ford R. Myers is the president of Career Potential LLC, helping people take charge of their careers. In his work as a career coach and consultant, he has done presentations at numerous universities, and has appeared on many radio and tv programs. He is the author of Get the Job You Want Even When No One’s Hiring.

Are you chronically unhappy at work? Do you ever experience trouble with co-workers, or find your boss impossible to deal with? Your not alone, and returning guest Dr. Debra Mandel can help! In her book Your Boss is Not Your Mother, Dr. Debra helps you analyze exactly what makes your workplace experiences so miserable, and how you can transcend the drama and develop a sense of humor about workplace stress! Dr. Debra is a reknowned psychologist and relationship expert who has appeared on many tv shows, and hosted her own popular weekly radio program in Los Angeles.

Today Vicki also welcomes technology expert Michael Surkan. Michael will talk about how he used podcasting and social media on his path to re-invention after being let go from Microsoft in 2009.

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