National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson is among the contributors to a new book that has been described as a “symphony of photographs” that “tells the story of a single day, from dawn to dusk.” He shares his unique insights into this project wit Vicki today, as well as tips for holiday picture taking! The Seattle Times EcoConsumer columnist Tom Watson joins us later to share information regarding the local EcoConsumer Green Holidays annual campaign.

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National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light is a stunning collection of photos chronicling the changing light over the course of a day. The beauty and majesty of something we take for granted… the different shades of light throughout the day… are splendidly portrayed here, often accompanied by text from the photographer explaining the inspiration for the shots, the scene it conveys, or how the shot was captured. Accomplished National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson is among those whose striking and elegant pictures are featured in this striking tapestry of images.

Green Holidays is one of the big annual campaigns delivered by King County’s EcoConsumer environmental public education program, providing information on how to reduce your environmental footprint over the holidays. Tom Watson, manager of the program, shares tips such as how to choose greener gifts, making green choices for meals and Christmas trees, the best ways to recycle, and more!

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