Deftly weaving the past and present together, Kristina McMorris evokes rich emotions as she weaves a story that reflects the power of personal histories to echo from one generation to the next in her new book The Pieces We Keep . Also today, award-winning filmmaker and author Elizabeth Baker joins Vicki to chat about writing, current and past film projects, and how a film goes from a concept to the screen. 

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Inspired by a combination of a mysterious story from a friend, the strange experiences of her eldest son as a child, and a true account of Nazi spies on American soil, The Pieces We Keep by Kristina McMorris is a richly emotional story of how a young boy’s nightmares unearth secrets buried since WWII. She seamlessly weaves the present and past as the mystery of her son’s visions unravels to a surprising and satisfying climax. Kristina is a Northwest writer based in Oregon whose won numerous awards for her works of fiction, primarily centered around the WWII era. Before embarking on her writing career, she was an actress and as a child was the host of an Emmy-award winning television show, as well as most recently hosting the WB’s Weddings Portland Style.

The award-winning and versatile author and filmmaker Elizabeth Baker is a busy gal. Her latest book Gifts of Gratitude features her sharing her own personal experiences to inspire the reader to remember that life is a magnificent journey when lived to the fullest. Meanwhile, her filmmaking career continues unabated, from the award-winning feature length documentary The Trail of Painted Ponies to her current project, For They Know Not What They Do, which she is travelling to Bangladesh to complete for a 2014 release.

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