Success requires attention. Motivation. Action. Today’s guests are winning experts in their field and join Vicki to share proven tips, tools, and resources to help you sail to the top in 2013.

“We wrote How Women Lead” say authors Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson “because we believe every woman should dream big dreams and have the knowledge and tools to make her dreams a reality. We wanted to make the journey easier for all women by giving them the benefit of experiences and insights from women business leaders who have achieved high levels of success.” Sharon Hadary is the former and founding executive director of the Center for Women’s Business Research, and is a leader in creating social change for women. Laura Henderson is the former and founding CEO of Prospect Associates, a $20 million health and communications firm. She was named The National Woman Business Owner of the Year, and is known for her advocacy for women in business. More at

Have you ever discovered a pattern that’s so obvious, you can’t believe you hadn’t noticed it before? What if that pattern could provide a blueprint for better understanding yourself and those you work and live with? Wouldn’t you want to know more? Executive coach and trainer, Daniel Silvert, shares a simple, four-style model of behavior known as DISC. The framework of DISC is hidden in everything we do, and is a powerful tool for maximizing your potential and deepening your connection with everyone you interact with. Silvert authored DISC, TAKE FLIGHT!, with colleague and fellow executive coach and trainer, Merrick Rosenberg. More at

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