Learn what you are conveying without even opening your mouth with body language expert Patti Wood! Vicki also welcomes returning guest Russell Friedman of the Grief Recovery Institute to discuss how to overcome the feelings of loss during the holiday season.

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SNAP: MAKING THE MOST OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS, BODY LANGUAGE AND CHARISMA — that’s the name of a new book by body language expert, professional speaker, and author, Patti Wood. Whether you get frazzled mingling at holiday parties, or break out in red blotches at business meetings, Wood has some great tips to help you schmooze with ease. She speaks to Fortune 500 companies, associations, and universities on: Body Language, Deception Detection, Selling, Interviewing, Public Speaking, First Impressions, Conflict Management and more. She also consults with Law Enforcement and the Media on the Body Language of Celebrities, Politicians and Suspects. “Patti Wood is the Babe Ruth of body language experts, the gold standard of body language experts, the capo di tutti capi of body language experts.” – Washington Post. More at http://pattiwood.net.

At some point in our lives we all have to deal with grief caused by the loss of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, or any one of a number of traumatic events. The holiday season has a way of bringing that sorrow to the forefront. Russell Friedman, who runs the Grief Recovery Institute with John W. James, offers detailed advice and helpful information for grieving people to move beyond their loss and find happiness once again.

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