It’s one thing to survive a stroke, but the period of recovery presents a whole slew of mental, physical, and emotional challenges. Today’s show is a must for anyone involved with a stroke, either as the victim or having had to watch a loved one suffer. Join Vicki every Monday for Conversations Live at noon Pacific on KKNW 1150AM!

Vicki’s first guest today is Dr. David Langer, a neurosurgeon at the Cushing Neuroscience Institute in Manhassett, New York. Dr. Langer will be addressing some of the early warning signs of a stroke, including related health issues that may increase the likelihood of stroke and some methods of prevention. Being a physician with the North Shore LIJ Health System allows him to be on the cutting edge of the latest research on how to treat strokes. Dr. Langer is the Director of Cerebrovascular Research for the North Shore University Hospital.

“Stroke is hell, as all survivors know-but there are often laughs!” This quote from Steve Boorstein, stroke survivor, is the crux of his book Different Strokes. At the age of 53, Boorstein suffered a stroke after being hit on the head while on the ski slopes of Vail. His book is an in-depth personal reflection on what it takes to survive a stroke, from the initial headaches, to exercise and therapy, to medications and alternative healing methods.

To round things out, Vicki’s third guest is a neuropsychologist who works with individuals and organizations worldwide. Dr. Diane is a survivor of both a stroke and four traumatic brain injuries. She called on both her expertise as a successful health practitioner as well as her experiences as a brain injured patient to pen Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr. Diane will discuss how a neuropsychologist works with a stroke survivor during the tenous and often stressful recovery period.

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