A wolf named Inyo and a miniature schnauzer named Atticus accompanied Vicki’s guests today on separate adventures through the wild where they ultimately found their inner selves. Catch Conversations Live every Monday at noon Pacific on KKNW 1150AM!

Following Atticus is Tom Ryan’s inspiring story of adventure, friendship, family, and love. Ryan and a miniature schnauzer named Atticus became a most unlikely pair of mountaineers in pursuit of a record. Together, they set out to climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks within the 90 days of winter to pay tribute to a friend of Ryan’s who died of cancer. An extraordinary friendship developed between the two intrepid explorers as they embarked on the challenge of a lifetime in an enchanting but dangerous winter wonderland. Ryan is the founder of the Newburyport, Massachusetts newspaper The Undertoad, and served as it’s publisher and editor for over a decade.

Ceiridwen Terrill originally adopted Inyo, a mix of 12.5% Siberian Husky and 87.5% gray wolf, to be a protector and fellow traveler. Her experiences with Inyo inspired her to write Part Wild: One Woman’s Journey with a Creature Caught Between the Worlds of Wolves and Dogs. But over the course of four years, the story that unfolded was more about the alluring call of the wild, the dangers and responsibilities in heeding that call, and the extraordinary love of an animal that helps one woman carve out her place in the world. The adventures between woman and dog veer between hilarious and heartbreaking, alternating between moments of peace and pure joy to stress and utter chaos. Terrill is an associate professor of science writing and environmental journalism at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

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