You know intellectually that you’re at choice, but do you understand that emotionally? If not, chances are you’re stuck in a loop of recycling old behaviors and thoughts, and carrying around unwanted hurt that stops you living to the full. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses Mindfulness and the Art of Choice, including how to be happy as a singleton in a world that still makes you feel the odd one out (… despite the fact that 43% of Americans over the age of 15 remain unmarried!!). Marianna Olszewski is considered one of the most respected women on Wall Street, and as the CEO of a finance company, she certainly knows the science of finance. But maybe more importantly, she understands the art of finance and how our emotions can get in the way of our financial freedom — and how they help us to achieve the life of our dreams. Live it, Love it, Earn it; A Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

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