We finally get an answer to the age old question of whether or not size matters. But first, we will learn how to make room in your life for just about anything with a professional de-clutterer.

Dr. Earl Henslin talks about the largest sex organ in your body… your brain. In his book This Is Your Brain In Love, Dr. Henslin uses real life examples of how your brain affects every aspect of your love life, from the pitfalls of a troubled marriage to keeping that fiery passion alive. Learn how to enhance your love life by understanding how your brain can alternately be a troublesome meddler in your sex life or help to fuel the fires of passion that bought you into a relationship in the first place. If you have ever found yourself screaming “Someone please help me organize this life!”, then you are in luck. Jennifer Ford Berry is a professional organizer, who can help you sort out every aspect of your life from your photo albums to your daily activities with your children. She has authored a book, Organize This!, and her website, organizethislife.com, can help guide you to a more carefree existence with more time on your hands than you ever thought possible!

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