On this brainy edition of Conversations Live, Vicki is joined by two neurological experts in Dr. Daniel Amen and Mary Sommerset to discuss two different approaches to taking control of the immense power of your brain!

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The Washington Post calls Dr. Daniel Amen, “by almost any measure, the most popular psychiatrist in America.” Unleash The Power of the Female Brain, his latest in a long line of bestselling books on the brain and brain health, offers a practical, step-by-step program specifically for women to help them thrive, and is based on the largest gender brain study ever done. Culled from research from Dr. Amen’s clinical practice, it identifies at least five strengths that are specific to the female brain, and also warns of the potential dark side to each. Dr. Amen is a physician, double-board certified psychiatrist, teacher, and eight time New York Times bestselling author.

Letting go is not usually associated with fun, or profit for that matter. Yet, Letting Go for Fun and Profit: How Advances in Neuroscience Inspire Change provides tools for letting go of resistance by embracing the discoveries in brain science. This book is for women and men facing obstacles to their success. In fact, there is scientific proof showing how attitude change CAN be effective and permanently hard-wired into your brain. Co-author Mary Sommerset is also a speaker and a Certified Professional Coach, working with executives and teams from a variety of industries.

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