Award-winning author John Burley is known as a master of medical, psychological suspense. He’ll share a sneak peek into his latest novel: The Forgetting Place, and the many ways in which the dangers of the world pale in comparison to the horrors of the mind.

Today, Vicki also chats with Amber Farman, who was 31 when she was diagnosed with stage one invasive breast cancer. She courageously overcame it and shares her experiences in how to deal with facing your own mortality, whether polyamorous relationships work, if you need religion to be spiritual, and living life beyond cancer.

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Award-winning author John Burley’s The Forgetting Place is a dark and twisty psychological suspense novel about a female psychiatrist at a remote institution who finds herself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy. Burley is a master of of medical and psychological details, bolstered by the fact that he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Physiology and currently works in San Francisco as an emergency department physician.

Amber Farman was diagnosed with stage one invasive breast cancer at the young age of 31. A few months after her diagnosis, she underwent a double bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Today, Amber is cancer free and has learned to face her own fears of both life and death. She used her experience to bring life to the characters in her debut novel, Farewell My Loves, and she is passionate about her non-profit Families For Humanity

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