Seattle-based forensic psychologist and author Jay Richards brings his knack for ground-breaking research in the field of criminal psychology to his new thriller, Silhouette of Virtue . Also today, London-based author Mathew Lyons whose highly regarded book The Favourite: Ralegh and His Queen makes him an expert on the subject. We’ll separate fact from fiction by exploring the belief held by some that there was no love affair between Elizabeth I and Walter Ralegh, and that “she” was in fact a “he”.

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In the field of criminal psychology, Seattle-based forensic psychologist and author Jay Richards is known for ground-breaking research and insightful case studies of psychopaths and other mentally disordered offenders. His exploration of moral dilemmas, choices, and character motivations results in Silhouette of Virtue being a psychological thriller that weaves together the culture and politics of Vietnam era America with racial tension, mystery and suspense. Richards early clinical experience was gained during National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) pre and post doctoral fellowships in clinical psychology at the federal psychiatric hospital in Washington DC that was then responsible for mentally ill persons determined to be dangerous to the president, or other persons protected by the Secret Service. He has since embarked on a distinguished career in executive administration of forensic programs.

On a recent episode of Conversations Live, best-selling fiction author Steve Berry bought up an interesting theory to Vicki: Was Queen Elizabeth in fact a man, replaced as a young child by a boy from the local village due to her caretakers fear of Henry’s retriubution after the ‘real’ Elizabeth died from an illness? As Berry is known for being a history buff and diligently researching his stories to add factual situations, it seems like this seemingly outrageous theory may have some merit. Intrigued by this and doing her own research, Vicki contacted London-based author and blogger Mathew Lyons, who penned a highly regarded book on Queen Elizabeth’s romance with Sir Walter Raleigh known as The Favourite to inquire more into this fascinating notion, and he joins us today to aid in separating fact from fiction.

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