Trauma psychiatrist Dr. Alicia Salzer provides a celebratory guide for overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. For our second segment Vicki chats with longtime 24 executive producer Howard Gordon about his thrilling debut novel, Gideon’s War.

With her new book Back to Life, Dr. Alicia Salzer uses the the outlooks and skills of such icons as Michael J. Fox, Nelson Mandela, and Elizabeth Edwards to show how resilient survivors do when the cards seem stacked against them. She uses a feel good approach to overcoming, with a focus on the future and going forward rather than revisiting and dwelling on the past. Dr. Salzer appeared on over 100 episodes of the Montel Williams Show as the Director of Aftercare.

Gideon’s War marks the explosive debut as a novelist for Howard Gordon after an enormously successful run as executive producer for the hit series 24. Gideon’s War is a page-turning tale of political intrigue and international terrorism jammed with action that also serves as a gift to conspiracy theorists. Before embarking on this new chapter of his life as an author, Gordon gained national attention for his award winning work on 24 and The X-Files, for which he received multiple Golden Globes. His other TV credits include Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Beauty and the Beast, Spenser: For Hire, and Sisters.

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