Bob Sullivan, MSNBC.COM’S author of the Red Tape Chronicles, shares how you can save hundreds of dollars by being aware of Big Business Rip Offs.

According to the Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, ‘competing by cheating’ has become a way of life for many corporations that we deal with on a day to day basis – corporations like AT&T, MCI, Sprint to name just a few! Sullivan’s new book tells us how we can avoid these scams and how to save money on fees that companies fail to disclose up front. Bob Sullivan has been a reporter for nearly 20 years and has spent the past 10 years covering computer crime and consumer affairs for He appears regularly on MSNBC TV, NBC Nightly News, the Today Show and more. He’s the winner of the prestigious Society of Professional Journalists Public Service Award for a series of articles on online fraud. More about the book Gotcha Capitalism. See Bob Sullivan in person at Third Place Books in Seattle, January 31 at 7 p.m.

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