Rebroadcast from December 2009:
Today’s guests both know first hand that there are many roads to success … you just have to choose the right one for you. .

Vicki returns live next week, and in the meantime would like to wish all of her listeners a happy new year!!

Vicki’s first guest is Michael J. Berland, co-author of What Makes You Tick? How Successful People Do It—and What You Can Learn from Them. (Harper-Collins) Both authors are highly successful in their own right: Michael J. Berland is an internationally recognized strategic adviser and communications consultant, and an expert in how people think and behave as consumers and decision makers. Douglas E. Schoen has been a Democratic campaign consultant for more than 30 years.

Vicki’s second guest is Barbara Winter. Whether you view self-employment as your next career, or you simply want to make a living being joyfully jobless, she is the expert on making it happen. Barbara Winter is the publisher of Winning Ways, a newsletter now in its 21st year, that shares inspiration and information with small business owners. Winter is also the author of Making a Living Without a Job (Bantam) and Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (Sogno Bella). In addition, her articles have appeared in numerous magazines, newsletters and online.

First broadcast June 15, 2009.

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