Elise Ballard’s life changing epiphany inspired her to seek out others who had similar life changing events. Her subjects include Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, and Barry Manilow.

Later, we meet Nancy Stanley and her dog Truffles and find out how they heal those in need through animal therapy! 

Elise Ballard was so stunned by the effect on her life of an epiphany that came to her out of the blue, she decided to seek out others who shared similar stories. What began as a desire to satisfy her curiosity led to an exciting and inspiring journey. The culmination of her efforts is Epiphany, a collection of over 50 revelations that changed lives for the better. Elise is an actress, and independent filmmaker and producer who has worked with Lionsgate and Monarch Entertainment.

Nancy Stanley’s book Pillow with a Heartbeat: The Heartwarming Tale of a Little Dog Who Finds His Big Purpose stars her chocolate poodle Truffles, and is told from his perspective as he goes from being an awkward puppy to becoming a therapy dog. Nancy is recognized as one of the pioneers of healing through animal therapy. She is the founder of the nonprofit Tender Loving Zoo, and works often with the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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