Peanuts, corn, soy, gluten… components of a healthy diet, right? Wrong. JJ Virgin joins Vicki today to discuss how these and other common health foods may be sabotaging your waistline!
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According to JJ Virgin, one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts and author of NY Times Bestseller The Virgin Diet, the secret to lifelong weight loss is to identify your food intolerance. With her groundbreaking and easy-to-adopt program, Virgin demonstrates how an intial 21-day commitment can lead to permanent weight loss, better health, and a younger appearance!

A typical suburban wife and mother, Joanne Fleisher’s life was turned upside down when she realized she was falling in love with another woman. Many changes have occured since she wrote the provocative first edition of her groundbreaking book, Living Two Lives: Married to a Man & in Love with a Woman, yet married women who come out later in life still oftentimes feel confused and isolated. Fleisher shares her journey of the difficult process of navigating her coming out while still married to her husband. She developed the website as an online counseling resource for women.

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