Kicking an old habit is tough, so why not replace it with a good one? Vicki’s first guest today will introduce you to “The Habit Change Cheat Sheet.” And later, learn how to stop taking life so seriously and embrace the simple things, one day at a time! Enjoy Conversations Live every Monday at noon on KKNW 1150AM!

Susan Steinbrecher, author of Kensho: A Modern Awakening, Instigating Change in an Era of Global Renewal, acknowledges that lots of us make New Year’s resolutions to quit old habits cold turkey, only to fall back into them by the time the calender hits February. She submits the best way to kick a bad habit is to replace it with a better one! She helps to recognize what triggers old temptations and ways to avoid getting overwhelmed while still maintaining the changes in your behavior. Steinbrecher is an internationally acclaimed speaker, executive coach and author, and is CEO of Steinbrecher And Associates Inc., a management consulting firm.

Celebrating the simple things in life each day sounds good, but it’s easy to forget about them when you have a toddler crying, a bill collector calling, and needy clients bombarding your inbox. Sometimes you need a reminder to take a daily time out and embrace what is most important. Monique Alvarez, author of Celebrate Life… 365 Ways, has experienced life in 16 countries and shares her simple tips to enjoy everything the world – or just your neighborhood – has to offer!

Today Vicki is also joined by Buddhist practitioner and teacher Allan Lokos. On the roller coaster of daily life, it seems like it’s easy to run out of patience just when you need it the most. In his book Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living, he sheds new light on the nature of patience, and provides a practical approach for developing this essential state of mind. Lokos is the founder and guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center.

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