Peter Brown Hoffmeister effortlessly weaves his experiences as a rock climber and authority on outdoor pursuits into his new novel Graphic the Valley, a gripping story set in one of America’s most endearing treasures… Yosemite National Park. But first, Vicki chats with National Geographic’s Robin Terry about Everything Money!

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Did you know that between 1912 and 1918 you could take your money to Washington to be washed and ironed?  Or that the world’s largest diamond is worth $400 million?  As the editor of Everything Money, Robin Terry has a treasure trove of fun facts stashed away, and she loves sharing them!  Terry is currently a senior editor at National Geographic Kids. 

Peter Brown Hoffmeister is a rock climber, writer, public speaker, and gear tester for Nike.  As if that weren’t enough, he also teaches literature, creative writing, outdoor pursuits, and survival at the high school level.  In Graphic the Valley, Hoffmeister weaves history, adventure, tragedy, and family into a tapestry set in one of America’s legendary epicenters of climbing and wilderness, Yosemite National Park, itself a well defined character in the story.  A resident of Eugene, OR, Hoffmeister loves getting his daughters involved in the amazing adventures the great northwest has to offer!

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