Nothing is more important than having a home, and journalist Sally Ooms has an inspiring new book about everyday people who have fallen off center and righted themselves. Vicki is also joined by quite possibly the hardest-working author in America, Steve Berry, plus the Sexy Vegan Brian Patton!

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Finding Home: How Americans Prevail is an inspiring book by journalist Sally Ooms about people who are searching for, or trying to keep, a home, and about people who have come off their center and have righted themselves. These are everyday Americans… vets and foster kids, laid-off workers and single moms, retirees and small business owners… all who have faced down the problems society throws at them to not just cope, but thrive. Ooms has been a print journalist for 30 years, appearing in a myriad of publications as a reporter, correspondent, and editor, receiving awards for her editorial writing, spot news, features, and investigative reporting.

New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author Steve Berry returns with The King’s Deception, another Cotton Malone thrill ride, which takes readers to the heart of England, uncovering a secret that threatens to rock Great Britain to it’s royal foundations. “As smart as it is chilling, as bold as it is brash, Berry’s latest is literary entertainment of the highest order further cementing his status as heir to the throne of Ludlum.” (Providence Journal) With 15 million books in print in 40 languages in 51 countries, along with hosting writer’s workshops all around the country while joining his wife in an effort to save a myriad of endangered historic treasures, you will have a hard time finding a harding worker author than Steve Berry!

When Brian Patton, a regular guy rather than a highfalutin’ chef, began posting videos on Youtube as his alter ego, “The Sexy Vegan,” celebrity status, including a book deal for his first book The Sexy Vegan Cookbook quickly ensued. Now he’s done it again with his upcoming new book The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home: Small Plates, Big Flavors, and Potent Cocktails. Lively, efficient, and funny, each page proves that seriously good – and good for you – food can be easy, fun, and delectable! Just check out this fun trailer!

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