It is said that The Buddha, on the morning of his only child’s birth, left his wife and son to “go forth” to seek enlightenment, without saying goodbye. What do we know of his wife Yasodhara and his son Rahula? In The Buddha’s Wife, today’s first guest, Samuel Shem, along with co-author Janet Surrey, explore the story of pain and abandonment she felt, and how she utilized the Path of Right Relation to find healing and happiness.

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In The Buddha’s Wife, authors Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey share the uncommon knowledge that Buddha had a wife, one that he abandoned to seek enlightenment. Princess Yasodhara, after being left alone, was only able to move past such horrible grief because of the healing power of relationships within her community. Utilizing what is known as the Path of Right Relation, her story teaches us that we no longer have to go at it alone, but thrive when we lean on one another for help, guidance, and support. Shem has written several novels primarily with medical themes, and also an off-Broadway play. His novel about a medical internship, The House of God, was named by British medical journal The Lancet as one of the two most important medical novels of the 20th century. His wife and sometimes co-author, Janet Surrey, PhD, is an Insight Dialogue Teacher and practicing clinical psychologist.

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