At the age of 60, bestselling nonfiction author and gender expert, Susannah Marren, reinvents herself as a novelist with flair as her debut, Between The Tides, is cited as one of this summer’s best reads. Told against the backdrop of the Selkie legend – enchanted seals who shed their skins to live on land as women – Marren peels back the layers of ‘a perfect world’ to reveal the shifting tides of marriage, family, career, and friendships.

The Burden of My Red Lips in Tehran by Shaghayegh Farsijani is based on the author’s life, telling the story of a young girl raised in Brooklyn since the age of 3 who is suddenly whisked back to Iran by her father when she’s a teenager. She experiences culture shock in Iran and offers an insightful look at the culture and people.

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