Re-ignite your flagging relationship by injecting a healthy dose of the fiery passion that brought you together in the first place using the 30-Day Sex Solution. Also today, Peter Baksa breaks down the Law of Attraction!

Dr. Victoria Zdrok Wilson knows about sex and relationships… she has a doctorate in clinical psychology with post-graduate training in sex therapy. She co-authored The 30-Day Sex Solution: How to Build Intimacy, Enhance Your Sex Life, and Strengthen Your Relationship in One Month’s Time with her husband, who is also a doctor. The book was born not only out of their clinical experience, but also from the bumps, detours, and derailments they experienced in their quest to keep their own passion alive!

Intend-Declare-Attach. Those are the three principles of the Law of Attraction, and Peter Baksa’s new book The Point of Power illustrates them and demonstrates how you can use them to help operate the Law. He also explains how Quantum Mechanics are integral to understanding.

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