Mystical fantasy and contemporary science mesh seamlessly in The Language of the Sea by James MacManus. Later, Vicki discusses award winning author Jennifer Haigh’s latest work.

What happens when an ordinary man slips out of his life and into legend? That is the crux of The Language of the Sea, the debut novel of James MacManus. He challenges us to expand our understanding of nature, where the lead character’s obsession leads him into a life of danger, and finally redemption. MacManus is the managing director of the Times Literary Supplement and executive director of News International.

Jennifer Haigh is a New York Times bestselling author and short story writer. Her new book, Faith, demonstrates how a revealed truth can at once shatter our deepest beliefs, then in turn restore them. She explores the deepest caverns of emotion and how a family seemingly destryoyed by a shocking turn of events can be drawn back together with loyalty and resilience.

Also joining Vicki today is Seattle based filmmaker Tess Martin, who creates stop-frame animated films using painted plastic cut-outs and a lightbox. Martin is a member of SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team), a loose coalition of filmmakers whose mission is to be a nurturing force for experimental animation. Her latest film is Plain Face.

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