“People get afraid of break-ins. My break-in involves teeth, claws, and a hell of a lot of bad weather.” Sue Aikens’ address is a GPS coordinate 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where she lives alone. Learn how she survives and thrives in what most people would consider the worst possible conditions on Earth. Today, Vicki is also joined by iconic author Judy Blume to discuss the first major motion picture adaptation of one of her works, and Lisa Renee Jones with the latest in her wildly popular Inside Out series!

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Sue Aikens is the sole resident of Kavik River Camp… her nearest neighbor, besides 80 plus grizzly bears within a 10-mile radius, is 300 miles away. Returning home after months away for surgery on a broken ankle, Sue is faced with uncertainty. Is her camp even accessible in the winter snow? Has it been overrun by wildlife? Does she have the neccessary supplies to survive another vicious winter? Featured on National Geographic’s Life Below Zero, she has faced -100 degree temperatures, 100 mph winds, and circling wolves… and has taught herself to ignore fear in the face of it all. Most people’s nightmare is her way of life.

Judy Blume is the iconic author of countless bestsellers, including Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Blubber, and the five book series featuring the irrepressible Fudge. Tiger Eyes marks the first time one of her works has been adapted into a major motion picture. Co-written by her son Lawrence, who also serves as the director of the film, it tells the story of Davey, a 17-year old girl abruptly relocated to the strange “atom bomb” town of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Grieving over the sudden and violent death of her father, Davey meets a mysterious young Native-American while exploring the surrounding canyons, and they make a connection that helps her bridge the gap from heart-breaking pain and confusion, to love and life after the tragedy. Starring Willa Holland, Tatanka Means, and Amy Jo Johnson, Tiger Eyes represents Blume’s uncanny ability to tell a coming of age story that appeals to any age! See the trailer here!

USA Today and NY Times bestseller Lisa Renee Jones was one of the top businesswomen in the country when she decided to embark on an undertaking of a more creative bent. Her first effort in her now wildly popular Inside Out series was self-published… for 10 days that is, when Simon and Schuster snatched it up! Her latest effort in the series, the thrilling and chilling Behind Closed Doors teams her up with storagetreasures.com, co-founded by Storage Wars stars Dan and Laura Dotson.

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