It started with strange behaviour … a hostile outburst, a peculiar lapse of memory. Then it became violent … what was going on?

Pat Moffet is a Vietnam Vet. He’s a renowned business executive in the field of logistics. And an expert in international trade. He was used to making things happen … resolving crisis situations. Yet, despite all of his experiences, he didn’t understand what was happening to his beautiful, vivacious wife. Confused, and increasingly worried, Pat Moffet consulted doctors about her behaviour swings, but no one found anything wrong with her. Ice Cream in the Cupboard is a touching, true story of a husband’s love for a woman suffering with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ll also talk with Dr. Fortanasce, one of America’s leading experts on Alzheimer’s about the latest medical findings and the kinds of questions that family members should be asking doctors who treat their loved ones. Dr. Fortanasce has appeared on 60 Minutes, the Diane Sawyer Show with Mel Gibson, CNNs Paula Zahn NOW, the Charles Grodin Show (debating Jack Kevorkian), Hard Ball with Chris Matthews, the Dr. Phil Show, Dateline, the Today Show, and ABC.