A doctor predicts when a patient will die. A comatose burn victim revives after being visited by a ghost. And a physician seeks the help of a Navajo Shaman to exorcise the spirit of a dead patient. Top U.S. neurosurgeon shares encounters with surgery, the supernatural, and the healing power of hope.

In addition to sharing some fascinating stories, Dr. Allan Hamilton strives to empower patients by encouraging them to voice their spiritual needs when they seek medical help. His book, The Scalpel and the Soul includes 20 rules to live by; practical advice for patients and their loved ones about how to navigate through surgery or critical care. And it reminds us that every patient presents a dramatic opportunity to see the miraculous, the inexplicable, and the inspirational at work. Dr. Hamilton is a professor of neurosurgery and a clinical professor in the departments of Radiation Oncology and Psychology at AHSC. He is the executive director of the Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center, a medical think tank seeking to improve surgical technique and reduce operating-room errors. He’s also a script consultant for neurosurgery for the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy.

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