Learn the shocking truth behind many medical malpractice cases. But first, discover how everyday household items could be responsible for your trip to the hospital in the first place! with Dr. Paul Blanc and leading medical malpractice attorney and patient advocate Patrick Malone.

A former medical writer and investigative reporter for the Miami Herald, Patrick Malone brings to light many shocking revelations behind the all too common instances of low quality medical care in many hospitals. In his book, The Life You Save, Nine Steps To Finding The Best Medical Care- And Avoiding The Worst, Malone offers incomparable guidance on how to avoid being caught in a bad medical situation made worse by a careless practitioner. He tells you the single most important question to ask your doctor, as well as how to locate the most competent doctors and safest medical care centers. He also helps you understand how to read and understand your own medical records. Malone is widely recognized as a leading malpractice attorney and is a lauded advocate of patient safety and rights. He is a graduate of Yale Law School, and has appeared on such programs as Good Morning America Health and The NBC Today Show.

Any kids listening to the first segment of today’s show may learn many new ways to get out of chores. Dr. Paul Blanc, professor of medicine at The University of California, San Francisco, discusses many of the seemingly harmless everyday items we expose ourselves to regularly, and how any of them could be potentially life threatening! Dr. Blanc uses disturbing case histories to show how something you take for granted, such as the brass knob on your front door, can have hidden health dangers for you and your family. His book,How Everyday Products Make People Sick: Toxins At Home And In The Workplace, has been called “a superb tool for making our homes safe to raise children” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Learn more about Dr. Blanc and his work at http://pulmonary.ucsf.edu/faculty/blanc.html

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