Today on Conversations Live, Vicki’s guests are all about protection. Protecting yourself from disingenuous advice, protecting your loved ones, including your children, from seemingly absurd identity theft, and protecting your love life when you think you might be past your prime!
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All too often, our quick-fix society looks for easy and sugar-coated answers on how to ease the pain of issues ranging from anxiety to weight problems to depression to marital conflicts. The so-called experts of pop psychology are masters of making us feel good for the moment and getting the audience to applaud, but once the cameras are off, where is the genuine, emotional help that eases the pain long term? In Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology, counselor, educator, and attorney David Bedrick shows a better way to heal the nation, a method guided by love and deeper spiritual meaning.

Steve Schwartz is a leading identity theft expert and co-author of Bankrupt at Birth: Why Child Identity Theft is On the Rise & How It’s Happening Under Parent’s Noses. Experienced in credit and identity fraud protection, Schwartz is available to offer taxpayers important advice on how to protect their entire family from falling victim to identity thieves. Today he will discuss tax tips if the IRS denies your return due to fraud and warning signs that your child’s identity might have been stolen. He will also give suggestions protecting your family from identity theft year round, and 5 very important tips in case it does happen.

So you’re over 50, single, and still searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right? A recent study suggests you are not alone, as nearly one third of the baby boomer generation is facing these same circumstances. Jill Teitelman is one booming babe that is not having it! With her debut novel Saving Gracie, Jill jumps right into the risky world of romance later in life and into the Circle of Hell she calls online dating. Her desire to grab life with both hands combine with a sharp and witty sense of humor to make this a must-read for any single baby boomers, and a fun ride for anyone else, especially those who want to be prepared for that stage of life! Jill’s writing has appeared in many forms including periodicals, comic books, documentary films, encyclopedia articles, and travel essays. In addition to teaching writing and literature, her professional adventures have included working for Cosmo’s Helen Gurley Brown and Germaine Greer.

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