“The artists and craftspeople I know, pursue their art because they have a need to create beautiful or intriguing images or objects” says artist, author and consultant Miriam Works, “but so many talented people are stymied by the intimidating prospect of marketing and selling their art.” Conversations Live 3rd Monday Series continues with the business of art in The Artist as Entrepreneur. Thanks to the following artists for their feedback on today’s topic: Nola V. Tresslar, Carolyn Osborne, Pamela Shortlidge-Jones, Andrea Pratt, Patty Burnard, EB, Kati Dawn, and Juniper.

Miriam Works is a seasoned arts professional, with years of successful experience as a buyer and business manager for Seattle galleries. She’s the former assistant director for FireWorks, a rapidly-growing, nationally-recognized fine crafts gallery; renowned teacher; and the founder of Works-Consulting.com. Works presents workshops and classes on sales skills, pricing, marketing tools and numerous other topics that help artists make a better living doing what they love. Her new book is The Artist as Entrepreneur: A Business and Marketing Guide for Artists & Craftspeople.

Later in the show, Joyce Chapman returns to discuss how to Be Your Own Coach. A multi-published author, speaker, dream activist, and life coach, Joyce is committed to helping others live the lives they envision. Today, more than ever, it’s critical that we learn to focus our efforts and stop spinning our wheels. And if you can’t afford a coach, we’ll share how to be your own best asset. Learn more about Joyce Chapman, her work and her blog.

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