Giving world peace a deadline — realistic or romanticized nonsense? Authors Nathan Otto and Amber Lupton traveled the world to define peace and say we can do it in five years. We’ll also talk with journalist, Lydia Denworth, about today’s #1 environmental health hazard for American children. And to a son trying to honor his father’s memory.

Nathan Otto, a successful entrepreneur in his own right, is the grandson of visionary business leaders Bill and Vieve Gore, founders of the company that makes Gore-Tex™. Amber Lupton studied from a young age with teachers such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Ken Wilber, and leads workshops around the world. Together with Otto, Lupton is the cofounder of DharmaMix, an Internet-based social venture media company. They’ve traveled the globe studying the peacemaking process and assert we must Give Peace a Deadline.

Lydia Denworth, a leading expert on America’s lead-free policies and author of Toxic Truth: A Scientist, A Doctor and the Battle of Over Lead joins us to discuss the controversy over how companies – big and small – test and certify that their toys contain no lead. Yet lead paint is frequently used to make paint colors brighter and last longer. Lead has been found in everything from Thomas the Tank Engine to artificial turf. What do we need to know? What can, and should we do to protect ourselves and our children? That’s what we’ll find out.

We’ll also talk with Eric Tomei who describes himself as an ordinary guy who dealt with his grief by writing I Miss My Dad. Tomei is a physical therapist in the metro Detroit area. His passions include financial education, physical fitness, and charity work for organizations such as Gleaners Food Bank and Children’s Hospital in Detroit. His book provides a guide for coping with close personal loss; Tomei’s goal (through book sales) is to raise one million dollars for Habitat for Humanity in memory of his father.

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