Through his powerful stories, Dr. Daniel Gottlieb helps us develop faith in ourselves, and change habitual ways of looking at the world. We’ll explore effective techniques to calm unquiet minds, enhance relationships, and embrace the most precious commodity of all: Love. Also today, learn to avoid adversity by trusting your intuition with the help of Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott.

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Dr. Daniel Gottlieb is a practicing psychologist and family therapist whose new book The Wisdom We’re Born With draws on stories from the lives of his patients and grandchildren, as well as his own unusual experiences, to bring back a perspective that every infant intuitively understands but is often lost on the path to adulthood. Finding this lost outlook on life can help anyone restore hope and faith and bring about a new gratitude for the gift of life and love. In addition to his practice, Dr. Gottlieb is an accomplished author of five books and host of “Voices in the Family”, a radio show on Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate.
Bestselling author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope Marala Scott is back with a new book titled Intuition. Co-written with Alyssa Curry and inspired by real events, it teaches and encourages people to avoid adversity by trusting their own instincts. Marala is a well known inspirational expert, sharing uplifting messages daily through her Twitter account. Check out the trailer for Intuition here.

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