Registered nurse and mother of 3 special needs children Stephanie Collins joins Vicki today to share how families can cope with the seemingly never ending battle for services and help as we approach Autism Awareness month. Then we’ll hear from brain health expert Dr. Cynthia Green with tips to help keep your memory sharp and your mind active.

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After 10 years as a registered nurse on the medical unit of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Stephanie Collins gave up on her career to focus on her four children, three of which have special needs. Her experiences, both professional and personal, are an invaluable source of advice for how to handle the seemingly endless uphill battles to receive the help that struggling families need. She offers tips on all facets of life with special needs children, from how to start finding support services, what to do when you are not approved, how to keep the rest of the family healthy and intact while dealing with these stressful issues, and finding support groups and networks. Stephanie has a degree in psycholoy and earned another in registered nursing, and she is the author of With Angel’s Wings.

If you have ever had a “senior moment,” – and let’s face it, who amongst us hasn’t – then memory fitness and brain health expert Dr. Cynthia Green has teamed with National Geographic for a book you don’t want to miss! Your Best Brain Ever is a comprehensive guide to fighting mental decline, using cutting edge neuroscience, in depth research and fascinating case studies to craft a smart and engaging guide to keeping your memory sharp and your mind active. Fun, age-defying exercises from body stretches to word games to “brain food” will help you keep your brain performing at peak levels! Dr. Green holds a PhD in clinical psychology and has served on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine since 1990, where she currently is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry.

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