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Award-winning journalist Caitlin Kelly shares her foray into retail after being laid off at the age of 50. Unable to find a new journalism position Kelly took the only work she could find, which ultimately led to her candid memoir, Malled, and a boost in her journalism career. Branding expert, Catherine Kaputa, who supervised the I Heart NY campaign shares how she successfully transitioned into “forced” self-employment following her sudden lay off. She tells how you can rebrand yourself in Breakthrough Branding. Listen LIVE every Monday at Noon Pacific / 3:00 pm ET.

Caitlin Kelly is a successful journalist, writing and producing features for the New York Times and the Daily News, as well as freelance work for inummerable magazines and other major newspapers. But before her career reached these levels, she spent two plus years working for The North Face as a sales associate in the retail industry. Thanks to this experience, Kelly has graced us with the insightful Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail. Nominated for the Hillman Award, this intimate look into the global retail industry shows both the pros and cons of what it’s really like to work for $7-10 an hour.

From Madison Avenue to Wall Street to the halls of academe, Catherine Kaputa has perfected her ability to market products, places, and companies. She first learned brand strategy from marketing gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout at Trout & Ries Advertising. Kaputa is passionate about creating more female leaders, the topic of her book, The Female Brand. Her new book, Breakthrough Branding, is a guide for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, sharing how to grow a small idea into a big brand.

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